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The OPay's Flaw

The Opera, OPay Big Conflation - Investors Sue in New York - Tekedia

Case one: Four weeks ago, I was paid for a job I had done for a long time. So, to compensate for the hard work, I bought raw foodstuffs to cook. Although I made all the input, I eventually had to share with hostel mates. We live in a community, and sharing sometimes comes against our will.

I wanted Chicken, so I bought it. And although it is not a luxury, as a student you don’t get to see it every day. The sight of it brought many to me instantly. I understood how sugar gained importance amongst ants. However, on tasting my Chicken stew regardless of all effort EVERYBODY complained. I felt bad.

Case two: Today, like no exception, I woke up earlier than all my roommates and decided to cook since we all slept late and ate very little last night. Waking up, they were all glad and prayed for me , however, on eating they complained saying I should not have cooked at all in the first place.

Why am I writing this and what do I intend to achieve with it?

First of all, I am Awopetu Emmanuel, a 300level level student of Electrical Electronic Engineering. Because of the nature of Nigeria Education, I, like many others rely heavily on Indians simplified videos on YouTube. Like every student who doesn't have money we cannot afford YouTube Premium, so, we rely on the free for all which has ads. However, on watching videos, I am always quick to skip Wack ads which are not of no profit to me and have bad presentations. One of them is Opay!

Yes, Opay! However, looking closely at the fact that Softbank is putting money into the firm speaks well that they have potential. Son Ma, the “baba agba" of digital ventures would not be putting $400 million into a firm if it has no future. Yes, attaining a $2 billion valuation is not an easy task. It shows there is an offering it has that makes it the most valued bank in the nation. For perspective's sake, Opay's valuation is over 1 Trillion naira in local currency, a sizable chunk of the entire NSE!

So, I believe, if this brand is going to scale it must present itself in an awesome manner to digital natives who would eventually be early adopters and become evangelists onboarding the older generation to the brand.

My 4 thousand naira (a big portion of my fifteen thousand naira) stew could not make my roommate happy. So, just as Human attitude is the spice of life, and the lubricant to relationships, Branding is the lubricant in business communication.

OPay is great but I need to spice it up!

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