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Pausing Facebook Posting

Good People, I will pause posting here and will phase it out in the next few days. Just like Twitter, I have been unable to grow the user base. As I teach, focus is key, and if something is not working, find something that works. I measure everything I do in life and my page on Facebook is not working. It is not Facebook’s fault, it is just that what I post does not add value to many users of Facebook. So, in the next coming days, this account will freeze. I want to thank everyone for coming here to co-share and co-learn.

I remain one of the biggest voices in LinkedIn (ranked very high) and will focus on that.  I do not post to entertain; this is part of our business growth strategy. But where you cannot expand your reach, it means the channel is not working. Across all metrics, Facebook and Twitter channels underperform, and I have to exit posting here; I did the Twitter exit many months ago.

Of course, Tekedia.com is the natural platform. I post there daily and it continues to attract thousands daily. Typically, my Facebook post is a summary of my posts therein. I invite you to check it out if you still want to be reading me (trying to think anyone does!!!). All ready for the big speech in  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I will keynote the LEAP fintech track next week. 

Remember: social media is a channel and when it does not work, strategize. Let’s stay connected.

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