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Plan It Well First


The best job right now is the job you have now. That is very important. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can resign tomorrow and become Dangote. More than 79% of new businesses collapse in Nigeria within 3 years. So, the system is not that easy. You can open a business in Lagos and operate for two years without one kobo of revenue.

Do not be careless with your future and people that depend on you. Not everyone must be an entrepreneur. It is rosy from outside but the perils are huge: only few people see the glory. Do not be deceived by the optimism of rising GDP growth, increasing FDI numbers, etc. Those numbers are nonsense to most businesses, even though we celebrate them. They offer no practical value at local levels. Before Nigeria, there was Lagos. So, if Lagos rises, Nigeria follows. That does not mean that Opopo and Yola are moving forward.

So, before you think you want to open a shop, it makes sense to PLAN. Possibly, validate the hypothesis of that business for possible pivots before you risk your career. For every Jobberman, more than 100 went under. For every Paystack, about 150. Entrepreneurship is not a vacation from paid labour.

Planning is key, only that many things that happen here are accidental; so the planning comes later, and by time it's more or less post mortem.

No matter how hard it is to get a paid employment, it's still far easier than setting up and running a successful enterprise. It's a joke to believe that being your own boss is an easier venture, the business might even close shop before people become aware that you are running a business.

You do not become an entrepreneur out of misguided anger, or failure to secure a job; you are only extending your misery if you do so. You have to make sure that entrepreneurship is your calling, else stick to helping others to increase their revenue, and continue to earn a living from there.

The only thing that is constant is the maturing bills to be paid, and your biggest plan and thinking would be on how to take care of that.