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Removing the ATM/POS Nebulous Step

Who can tell me why Nigerian banks programed in our ATMs and POS systems for us to indicate if an account is Savings or Current? What is the purpose? I mean, I am totally at loss why that is necessary. If you have to distinguish accounts for fee purposes (exceeding a certain number of withdrawals in a month invalidates interest payment in some savings products), you can handle that at the backend. Customers do not need to be involved in that, as you know the categories of the cards, and the products they are associated with.

I hope the Bankers Committee (or NIBSS or whoever handles that) takes action and takes it off. It adds no value in my opinion. I hate it when ATM asks me to indicate if my debit card is Savings or Current. The same happens when using POS.

Unless someone can explain WHY, that request/step is nebulous. It needs to go. Possibly, it would reduce ATM queue by 0.9 second per withdrawal nationwide in busy ATMs. And merchants can save 5 seconds per payment on interrogating guests on the type of debit card they have handed over.

Explanation: People, we have an explanation: a user can link 2 accounts (savings and current) into one card. So, I will say this is explained. 

This is a country where very simple things are somewhat made to be complicated. When you carry out a transfer in those ATMs and the way they keep taking you round and round. Even when you don't have current account, you still have to answer irrelevant questions before doing your thing.