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Samsung Returns To Top as Huawei Fades

Samsung is  the king of phone and Huawei has been wounded.



The lesson should be try within all your power to be in the good book of men that matter, and you would matter.

Yesterday, 5th May, I was watching a YouTube video on South Korea spending on ammunition, and you know where the money routes through, US, obviously.

It not enough to have skill, it also matter that the kings shine his face on you, even the holy book admonish we pray for those in authority so we can live a PEACEABLE life!

I wish Huawei well with the current frown the world is giving them, China seems to be out of luck on many side an offshoot of their mischievous Belt and Road initiative

There is no friendship when you want to rise. If Nigeria begins to do well, it will begin an enemy to the risen. That is the point. A poor China would be loved by China, Europe and others. It is what it is - you need to find a path to your economic freedom.

True, that what brought colonialism in the first place.  However, I believe although you cannot kill the jealousy in man but you can route out means that keeps your uplifting intact.