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Samsung to launch Gaming on Galaxy

If you have a Galaxy mobile device, Samsung will be reaching out with a gaming channel. This makes sense as without a platform or content, Samsung will not thrive in its phone business even though the semiconductor business has been doing well. The Pixel owns the Android world as Google makes that phone, Apple has the iOS App Store, Samsung needs to make a case beyond hardware: the catalogue of gaming systems bundled on Galaxy will surely move many to consider Galaxy besides the hardware quality.

The latest news is that Samsung has dropped from the 2nd position to the 3rd position, by market share, for tablets. Yes, Amazon now sells more tablets than Samsung. That is very fascinating that if you count the world’s biggest tablet vendors, Amazon takes the second. That is possible because Amazon has a platform – even better, an operating system, named Alexa. People want to connect into that ecosystem and they are congregating within Amazon platforms. It is come over, buy one product, and you need to get others because we have all in-house. Yes, Prime members can listen to music, watch videos, and order anything online easily, if they have the Amazon tablets. As they do just that, Samsung Galaxy is relegated to the distant memory

This is the age of platform and Samsung is moving in the right direction. Yes, it will add additional value to users. Just imagine if Fortnite gaming is exclusive to Samsung; the company would have done great.