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Sokoto is for Renewal Energy Research

In 2009, fresh from PhD, I spent time in Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto. I introduced the embedded systems program in that university.

There are many exciting things in that university which the largely Southern Nigeria-based press does not cover: Sokoto is one of the hubs where renewal energy research is going on. While we have the products in the southern Nigeria (many risk takers abound to fund ideas), in Sokoto, research goes on. The Sokoto Energy Research Centre is deep and could get better if not that the industrial linkage is weak.

Solar power business is a growth area in Africa. There are already many entrepreneurs in this space across the continent. But solar power business is still at infancy with entrepreneurs trying many business models to discover the best. We provide two cases of two successful solar power businesses in the world which solar power entrepreneurs can mimic as they build their businesses. One is a U.S. company and another is an African company. In each, they have common traits which can be used to deliver value to customers and build a respectable solar power business.

If you are looking for research partners on renewal energy, visit SERC. There is nothing that we do not have in Nigeria, but finding them requires deep efforts.

The Earth's Natural Resources are depleting with each passing day. We need to take serious and rapid steps for it. We need to promote the renewable energy source generation. We need to do it for the sake of our future generation. Otherwise they will curse us for life.