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Solving the Universities in Nigeria

"Our universities neither attract foreign capital nor solve problems, rather they have become problems waiting to be solved too" Francis Oguaju on Nigeria's paralyses 


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When I read that line it caught me!

Indeed, it's in a bad shape, we can fix it, however, it would only be gradually.

Education by nature is expensive.

My next year budget for journals like the economists, WSJ, FT, and works of leading thinkers such as Paul Krugman materials etc., are running into million even at student price. Relevance comes with good price.

So, if you want the supply of quality at scale you must pay heavy! If it was that cheap many would not be giving thanks when they get scholarships, "abi is it easy to pay student debt?

For the nation, we need enough fund to dispense quality to a large scale which is more than lip service.

You don't owe a person for years and tell him to act normal, he can never!

So, we have to restructure how the Educational system works. Make primary education and secondary compulsory and free. And if you are willing to go higher, pay with your money although subsidized but not like we practice here.

I believe part of the many reasons why some come here and perform poorly is because they don't understand what education is!

Not everybody should come to a University and people should know that!

It okay to go to a technical school!

By the way, the diginity attached to technical jobs is a sign we have dysfunctional thinking.

Mecho's (A tekedia Portfolio firm) COO AY was my set mate in Technical school, while many may mock technical education, so many so-called graduate don't have access to YC, yet he is doing well!


I hear "I want at least one of my children to go to a University o!" And to me it is pure madness.

It well sha!

All said, the other day you were speaking of having semiconductor skilled individuals before we think of building foundry- While I think there would soon be a burst in that space as many ade pumping money it, nevertheless, it's bad to realise that we don't have a good number.

The world is moving on, yes, we have good head making waves, however, we need them at scale!

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I like this comment thread here:

Jessica, I don't think it's my job to teach our universities how to market themselves and attract outside capital, that's even a secondary issue.

A university is a citadel of learning, a research connoisseur, and largest holder of intellectual capital in any environment it exists. This gives it unique capability to create wealth out of nothing, a government doesn't have such unique capability. So if a university cannot solve biggest societal problems, who else can?

You do not need a university to train kids who can win scholarships or get jobs overseas, any good secondary school can do such, with much lower budget. Turning undergraduates into graduates is the least of things a university does, so its relevance to national development cannot be measured on that count, but rather on the size of problems it solves in the grand scheme of things.

This discourse is way beyond what many people can easily make sense of, because the casual approach is to task government with formulation of best policies, and then pour in the money, where will government draw the human capital for best policy ideas and their subsequent implementation and execution?

I know exactly where I want to take this conversation, those who can take up the challenge without sounding defensive know what to do.

Honestly, we still have many problems in this country because we have dysfunctional institutions.

Each Institutions have their roles and the University Educational community is for pushing knowledge to new frontiers!

Governmental agencies are products of knowledge, so, if they are going to function well the Universities must be in the right frame to feed them the kind of policies they need to get the job done.