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Thanks for Reading - You Make Us Better

Greetings! Thanks for checking and reading my posts - very appreciated. Going forward, I want to make it easier. Largely, I link all summaries I post on LinkedIn to my blog, tekedia.com, where the full contents are published. The reason is simple: LinkedIn is not effective for content discovery. In other words, if you want to find old contents to link, LinkedIn is not that helpful especially if you are heavy user.

Yet, I do know that not many people like to click. To save your time and mobile credit, I would indicate any post that is on Tekedia paywall. That way you do not have to click only to discover you cannot read it. Nonetheless, only less than 5% are on paywall. Of course, it turns out those are the ones people really care that much. No one has complained, but I do think it makes sense to save your time.

Why do we put things on paywall? My webmaster does. I gave her one instruction: make sure you cover AWS hosting but do not flood the site with adverts (no advert on content area for any reason). She decides what goes where it goes.

I love having you here. I am learning even though you think you are reading me. LinkedIn is a Lab in my business. To be honest, your comments here make us smarter, better and more informed before clients. It is all about learning and sharing.


Thank you for your articles.