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The Activist Ex-king

FILE: Former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido [Photo: PULSE]

He was a former bank executive, a former governor of the central bank, and a first-class king in a kingdom. He was very powerful, holding board positions in great companies. But he was a different king - one who could speak to political power. Just for that, he became an enemy. They dethroned and sent him on exile.

As  deposed Kano emir, Muhammadu Sanusi, battles the police for violation of his “fundamental rights” in Kano, Abuja and Nasarawa, you will get the message why no traditional ruler speaks. As dozens die in southern Kaduna, you would have expected these men to call leaders to order, but everyone is afraid. If Sanusi could be made this small, do not expect CHANGE fast. At least, now the former king is a victim, he could join the activists for police reform in Nigeria. He has a chance.

But in a counter-affidavit, the deposed emir faulted the IGP’s contention insisting that his suit was not about his dethronement “but his family’s forceful ejection from the palace and banishment from Kano and subsequent confinement.”

Mr Sanusi argued that the infringement of his fundamental rights was not limited to Kano “but was a continuous process that spanned three territories – Kano, Abuja and Nasarawa”.

“The nucleus or gravamen of the applicant’s complaint is centrally on the violations of the applicant’s fundamental rights and there is no or any other complaints therein.

Is there any country in the world where speaking out is not costly? The US that towers above every other nation when it comes to free speech, at least we know the history until Civil Rights Act in the 60s, and till today, speaking is not entirely free there; if you are in doubt, just disagree with the talking points of the Left, or just say you support Trump...

I think the problem we have here is that we always go for easy options, which produce crappy results at best. They say that 'Agaghi eji mgbagbu ghara ogu', loosely translated as 'You cannot because of getting killed refuse to fight'. Our excuses for misbehaving here are always lame and ridiculous.

If you have lived for 60 years already, what do you stand to lose that could make you not to speak up? Elders are known for speaking the truth, irrespective who's involved. But it does appear that we now have artificial or fake elders across board; nobody should expect any form of respect or reverence, if you cannot do what elders are known for. If many people are speaking up, we don't even have enough police to make arrests.

I may not agree with many tactics of Nnamdi Kanu, but he managed to shake the government small, have 20 of him in different parts, Nigeria will wake up.