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The Age of AutoTech

Apple Taps Hyundai for Electric Vehicle Partnership - Tekedia

A new age is beginning in the automobile sector and technology is at the heart of it. It is a fusion of ride-hailing, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. They seem to be creating the future and Africa could be lost in this new redesign.

Welcome to the new world of AutoTech—the merging of electric, autonomous vehicles with ride-hailing to create a radically different car economy. Tied together by the connectivity of digital networks, this new business could upend the global automobile industry—and along with it, the entire culture that for more than a century has been built around getting behind the steering wheel. “The global transformation of the industry will take roughly 10 years,” predicts Herbert Diess, chairman of the Volkswagen group. Others think it will take longer but are no less certain that AutoTech is the future.

I got interested in that sector after reading Kallenius, CEO of Diamler, speak on their ambitious to make the EV sector a level playing ground. First of all Diamler has NEVER been a LEVEL for ALL car!!