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The BIG Broom at Abuja

A special broom indeed for the Abuja city gate: innovation on broom making.

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and many Nigerians have condemned the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for erecting a gigantic statue of its logo at the Abuja city gate of the Federal Capital Territory, the city’s point of entry.

They also criticised the Federal Capital Territory Development Authority (FCDA) for permitting the party to use the site for the erection of the statue, saying the action defeats the unity purpose of the FCT.

This sends me a signal. I have two feelings about this development: it's actually a fear and a prediction.

My fear: APC somehow is so sure of remaining on the seat as long as a statute stays (Irrespective of what they do to be in power). So this is their way of communicating to their opposition that they're well rooted.

My prediction: If eventually PDP regains power, one of the first thing they'll do is to erupt the broom. And claim it's a waste of resources; they obviously do not lack reasons for their actions. (Now it depends on the quality of the leader for we not to be sure he's not going to engage in a competition of statute-erection).

Bottom line, I am saying that the broom reeks of hate, domination, selfishness, extravagance, mindlesness, and a lot more of unfavourable terms.


Nwafor - your last paragraph said it all: it is not fair to have a party symbol in a unity city like Abuja at that location, covering the city gate.