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The Elon Musk’s Novel Pricing On Apple Universe

Apple Resumes Advertisements on Twitter Days After Musk Called Out The Company - Tekedia

A good business playbook for Elon Musk? $11 for Apple-based customers for Twitter blue premium monthly subscription; $7 for other customers. And if you think this makes sense, what does that mean for the future of Apple business? 

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has made a move to offset Apple App Store’s outrageous fees by charging iOS users $11 per month for Twitter blue plan subscription.

The blue premium subscription is a service that elevates quality conversations on Twitter, with the plan fee set at $7 per month.

Following the recent increase in price for iOS users, Twitter has mandated existing Twitter Blue subscribers who initially subscribed on iOS to upgrade to the higher price to receive a blue checkmark. These users will also receive a prorated refund for the remaining days of their previous subscription.

Indeed, if the product price for Apple iOS users is $11 when other options go for $7, Musk has created a real incentive for them to leave the Twitter app and use the browser and pay for the product, to save $4. 

Apple should wish this does not work. Why? If it works, you will see companies adjust pricing models to account for the Apple service fees.

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