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The Failure of our Consulting Sector - Succession in Nigeria

A LinkedIn user wrote on this piece thus: "The problem is that most business owners cannot imagine non-family members running their businesses, so".

Interestingly, most of the companies die when the founders exit.

My question is this: Do we just blame the founders OR our consulting sector's inability to articulate value propositions to these founders to buy whatever ideas would have saved these entities in Nigeria?

Think about it: Abiola in his peak was legendary. Nnanna Kalu built Aba. Ojukwu was Dangote of his era. Aminus created the ancient silk road from Kumasi to Khartoum through Kano. But No More.

Now, imagine if they have committed to pay 2% of revenue to a solid consulting firm to drive the firms. The families would still retain 98% today and growing.

My point is this, the collapse of our empires is partly due to the failures of our consulting industry. Yes, someone has to sell the ideas, get them to buy them, make money in the process, and help the nation. No excuses!