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The FEC Approves (Poorly Formatted) National ICT Roadmap

The formatting is extremely terrible for a federal government document. I do not understand why a  ministry of ICT cannot use Microsoft Word and PDF very well. Yes, the National ICT Roadmap production is low quality for a government document.  There used to be a time when we had quality in Nigeria. Nigerians designed our coat of arms which is brilliant. Today, civil servants are so distracted with contracts and side works to commit to full time works.

The ICT Roadmap released by the Federal Ministry of Communication and now approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) has great contents. But the poor quality of the formatting distracts any serious person from reading it. You can read the 91-page document here. [ The link is removed as we have site issues by linking to this. To access the content, please google National ICT Roadmap Nigeria or something like that. The site has an injection which affected our site. So, we have to remove the link]

Look at the quality of the timeline for the roadmap execution ( see page 4). Ask me who can read this plot? That is what your government is sending to you. There is no effort to deepen quality. This is very unfortunate that someone approved this document and the FEC blessed it. From the clerks to the perm sec, from the minister to the FEC, shame to all of you. If someone had read it, it would have been evident that the formatting was all over that place. Nigeria can surely do better!