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The Future of Global Risk

This is the shape of modern global risk: "Norwegian deputy central bank governor Jon Nicolaisen announced on Friday he was resigning, saying his application for renewed security clearance had been rejected because he has a Chinese wife." 

Jon Nicolaisen said: “The Norwegian Civil Security Clearance Authority informs me that the reason that I will not receive a renewed security clearance is that my wife is a Chinese citizen and resides in China, where I support her financially,...At the same time, they have determined that there are no circumstances regarding me personally that give rise to doubt about my suitability for obtaining a security clearance, but that this does not carry sufficient weight.”

A few years ago, a lady took her life after she realized that her husband of 14 years was a spy agent. The lady held a very important government job in an EU country. The next decade will be extremely turbulent as the West battles China. Unfortunately, I still think China has an upper hand. Just look at what happened in the Lagos-Ibadan train line which is up now. Many will take that money, no matter what comes with it on national security or sovereignty.

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"Many will take that money, no matter what comes with it on national security or sovereignty." If you are a leader of a sovereign state, which path would you take: take the money or protect national security interest? We have reached a stage where we now need to come down to specifics. It is no longer about what our managers could or couldn't do, but what YOU would do, if you are the one to make such call.

I know you have your soft spot for China, but making China seem like all conquering and omnipotent is head scratching, and way over the top.

It not just about today or five years down the line, but what happens few decades from now, when you look back and realise that those who took the money got it wrong? There's more to life and national pride than just getting some dollars to execute some projects.

We are yet to fully extricate the continent from European colonisation, and here we are - dangling with Chinese colonisation, just because they write cheques? I see it differently.

Our plenty education is still not bringing much returns, it still much about getting jobs and earning income.