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The Ghana's Data Protection Certificate

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It looks interesting to be coming from Ghana which is typically ahead of others in Africa. Yes, Ghana now requires companies to obtain data protection certificate. Just a piece of paper, after paying your fees, and all will be well. And if you do not do that, government can revoke your business license. I do not understand how getting a certificate will make Facebook a better custodian of customer data in Accra. One would have expected a regulation on data for both local and international entities operating in Ghana. A piece of paper does not seem to be of any value except the small revenue government will make from it.

New businesses planning to operate in Ghana would be required to obtain a Data Protection Certificate before engaging in businesses activities in the country.

Ghana’s Commissioner of Data Protection, Patricia Edusei-Poku who revealed this Accra, said both local and foreign businesses are required by law to first register with the Commission and obtain a Data Protection Certificate before they can be registered to operate in Ghana.