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The Huge Disconnection in the New World

Anything is Nothing When Looking for a Job - Tekedia

The US job report, based on American standard, disappeared. Yet, the stock market went up. That seems to be a pattern these days - no relationship between the main street and Wall Street.

Hiring around the U.S. in April was much weaker than most economists expected, with employers adding 266,000 jobs, a Labor Department report showed on Friday. Some forecasters had predicted payroll gains of at least 1 million, pointing to rapid economic growth this year. 

The nation's unemployment rate ticked up to 6.1% from 6% as more Americans sought work. The labor force, defined as the number of people working or looking for work, grew by 430,000 people last month.

We keep failing to understand that humans are dynamic creatures and except an extraterrestrial being, God, whose word never fails- but can change his mind; Abram and Lot incident, speaks all other prediction can fail. Hedge funds made their lots against Gamestop, we know the story, now Economists are making theirs on employment- pure comedy!
Obviously, the President just got into office and the norm for any sane politician with intention for a second term, he has to do Father Christmas. The Yorubas (a tribe in Nigeria) would call it “Alejo”, translated visitors, but oh boy, after 2-3 days to pick up a broom and sweep, you are no longer a visitor, “give away don finish”.
However, aside from the fact that a good number of the intend benefit for The United State citizens come down here by fraudulent acts of our youth, since our government has continually failed to help us-imagine hoarding palliatives. We also should be aware that humans are creature that seeks ease and since work requires discipline, a virtue many still strive to attain, getting these folks back to work would be hard, obviously not impossible.
But on the other hand, the move of Montana state to get individual engagement, luring them with the benefit package would create more harm than good, as many people would no longer offer deep work. This form of aid makes work more extrinsic than intrinsic, and according to Human psychologist expect and Harvard review writer, Daniel Pink, which in his book Drive condemns such acts calling it the “carrot and stick method” with disastrous implication.