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The Minister's Mistake on Scholarship

Rotimi Amaechi, the minister of transportation, who is accused of hijacking foreign scholarships offered by a government contractor (CCECC), has defended the selection process that benefited ONLY people nominated by him and other senior officials. He felt there was nothing wrong with it: yes, those selected, even if sons and daughters of ministers and governors, are Nigerians. For him, you should be happy about that!

At a press conference in Abuja on Tuesday, Mr Amaechi said Nigerians should not question the selection of candidates, but should be happy to have people trained to take over from CCECC.

The minister initially declined to comment on the controversy, but after answering other questions journalists asked him, he said “the answer to this thing is simple, CCECC has granted us scholarship, how they got their candidates, ask them. I’ve seen the first batch in China. Instead of asking how we chose the candidates, they should ask us about the policy”.

Of course, there is no way any decent teacher will grade Mr. Amaechi since he owns teachers. But that logic would have given him an F.  But that was not the main issue: look at the photo below.

Possibly, the Special Kids are largely male. They have already rigged the next generation in public service and men will drive it.