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The Nigeria's G5 Governors

There is a G7 which focuses on the security developments and economic advancements of their nations. Then there is a G5 in Nigeria which has morphed into a fashion show where five governors ( Rivers, Benue, Oyo, Enugu and Abia ) move from one state to another, to showcase the latest traditional styles.

The one they wore in Aba this week (not shown) was supremely amazing. I think that was inspired by the Ohafia war dance. If you are a fashion designer, follow the governors. You will get the latest ideas for the Paris fashion festival if you plan to compete for the big awards.

Note: on their message as they move from one state to another: ignore; they are all politicians and nothing more. Do not think they’re fighting for you. PDP suspended its constitution to avoid rotational presidency. Do not believe those promises and manifestos as they are vapours.

I am waiting for journalists to ask: if your party can suspend its constitution, how can we believe that you will not suspend your manifestoes?  The party needs to explain that before we can even take the G5 as a force.

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