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The Power Is Back To Workers

Changing the Structure of “Work”: A Covid-19 Approach - Tekedia

This is amazing - power is returning back to work in the US. We hope that repeats in Nigeria: 'Workers spoiled for choice by a record number of open positions and burned out by the pandemic are more emboldened to quit or move jobs, creating a massive staff retention problem. A thicket of issues — including higher pay, flexible remote work policies and also a desire to reset after enduring a pandemic-related malaise — are tempting restless workers to flee their current roles.'

'The trend is ensuring that balance of power between workers and their employers continues to shift. Retail and healthcare workers are most likely to change jobs amid the pandemic, as the favorable conditions for workers emboldens some to accept multiple offers, "cherry-pick" the best option and "ghost" the others'. (LinkedIn )

Awesome. However, please add that Nigeria should not consider this path yet!

America has so built herself that even if they do  of work at optimum level they wouldn't tank. If Nigeria tries this, we are gone!

Yes, logically, you can only consider choices on spending when you have multiple source of income, else "farabale", translated from yoruba to mean relax.