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The Subscription Bonus for Dangote System Book Designers

Great people, team has informed me that the cover design help deadline has passed for my new book on Aliko Dangote business process. So, they would start creating the Tekedia accounts of those that submitted to the cover designs. With the accounts, you would read all contents on Tekedia including the books, cases, frameworks, etc for one year. Thanks for the help.

Good people, I have just completed an exciting eBook which looks at Aliko Dangote business process, philosophy and systems. The book is titled “The Dangote System: Techniques for Building Conglomerates”.  This is not a biography book; I have no time for such.  The book focuses on his business and what we can learn from his System. Yes, how a trader, who started like others, became the most important man in African business sphere, and in the process controlling one of the largest industrialized conglomerates in the world.

Yet, the young lady that handles this would need your patience. She is traveling to Ghana as a I write to do real engineering on field programmable microprocessors. We represent Intel FPGA in continental Africa. Upon her return next week, she would reach out to every person.

Again, thanks - amazing designs.

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