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Tinder Plans To Break Android Payment

If Google loses this battle with Tinder, Android will suffer severe revenue loss. The battle is that Tinder is creating in-payment that will allow it to avoid paying Android percentage commission even when still relying on the Android operating system. I promise you - if  Tinder does this, and gets away with it, Android will be done as a business but possibly will stay as a charity.

Tinder is exploring a different approach to fighting app store fees -- it's simply ignoring what the store operators want. The dating giant has introduced a default payment process into its Android app that skips Google Play's system entirely, instead taking payments directly. And if you go this route, you lose the option of switching back to Google Play after the fact.

If Google fails to enforce its mandatory payments rules, expect a flood of Tinder payment (in Android) cloners to emerge. Simply, Android will lose its commission.