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Twitter's Class Action And Nigeria's Imitation

Twitter Agrees $809.5 Million Settlement for Class Action Lawsuit

Only in America would people expect a "bird" to pay this amount of money. Yes, "Twitter Inc said Monday it will pay $809.5 million to settle a 2016 shareholder class action lawsuit in which the social media company is accused of defrauding investors. The lawsuit was based on an allegation of metric manipulation of the microblogging app’s traffic."

That reminds me, why do we NOT have class action lawsuits in Nigeria with this flavour? I was told that lawyers are not allowed to solicit for cases. Can that be changed? If that happens, trial lawyers will bring sanity to the land.

Just as Innovation at there initial are weak, so also is Regulation. And with Innovation always preceding regulation it is made worse.

Unidisputedly, Nigeria has lost many tech battle, nevertheless, it all fine. There would always be more and we would have thing to win.

Good Morning.