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Uber, Bolt May Go On Strike in Lagos

The Restless Uber - Tekedia

You may be returning to your yellow cab as Uber and Bolt drivers are not happy that the e-hailing companies are not jacking up prices despite the obvious increase in the prices of items in Nigeria: “Some Uber and Bolt e-cab drivers in Lagos have asked the e-hailing companies to immediately increase fares being charged by the operators or they would withdraw their services from the roads on Monday, April 19, 2021.”

In a quest to work harmoniously at resolving some issues, the association wrote several letters to the companies which were not attended to, showing nonchalant attitude towards our plight.

Your companies have failed, refused and neglected to honour our request for a meeting to discuss issues beneficial to all e-hailing drivers in Nigeria. And to fashion a harmonious relationship that will benefit, dignify and improve the standard of living of e-hailing drivers, private car owners and the general standard of e-hailing business in the country.

Instead of fixing a new and reasonable fare in line with inflation, the companies have recklessly continued to maintain the low fare, thereby, impoverishing hard-working young Nigerians who are 

Lol- All hail technology!

So much power in platforms. Now, Nigeria is extending strikes to everything.

Uber responds....Femi Akin-Laguda, the Country Manager of Bolt said: “We invest the effort to collect, track and analyse the net revenues and total expenses of drivers utilising our platform. This includes analysing net earnings per hour on the platform across all cities we operate in,” said Mr Akin-Laguda.

“We invest in marketing incentives to boost drivers’ revenues. We also collect and track all other expenses incidental to the ride-hailing services provided – these include but are not limited to vehicle leasing/instalment costs, fuel, car wash, airtime and internet bundles. This analysis forms a significant part of our pricing strategy in every city,” Mr Akin-Laguda said.