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We Have Tracked the Chalkboard Word Processor Ghanaian Teacher

Good people, we have now tracked the magical Ghanaian teacher who drew word processor on blackboard. He is Owura Kwadwo Hottish. We have all his contacts.

I know some would like to help to explore how to assist the school. I have emailed him and once he gives his permission, we would share with anyone that can coordinate support to his school. Just one person who can manage that - we do not want to distract him from his school work.

My Nigerian office meanwhile would send his school support.

But if anyone can coordinate, possibly to help 2-4 schools get some resources, that would not be bad. Owura could be a great face to make that happen. This is not to say that the problem Mr Hottish is trying to solve is only in Ghana. Yet, his efforts could help extend help to other schools.

I have no expertise in asking for donations or whatever. So, if you want to do this as many commented, I have asked a colleague in my business to coordinate sharing his contact once he gives permission [email tekedia@fasmicro.com]. Everything would go to the principal.

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