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WFH Is Here To Stay

Barclays got the numbers: "Based on responses from >4,300 office-based workers and >1,500 Senior Decision Makers on behalf of their employees, surveyed across six countries, we believe that the work from home (WFH) revolution is upon us. Employees are expecting to work 60% more from home (to 1.6 days on average/week), while employers expect WFH days to double (to 2.0 days on average/week). Moreover, their responses show the WFH Revolution is geographically broad-based, and people across ages, genders and industries anticipate".

WFH ETF chart continues to rise.

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My life during the pandemic hasn't changed at all, because staying at home is my lifestyle! However, this sometimes has its drawbacks: for example, I recently bought new shoes (they are very cool!) And there is nowhere to put them on, because I don't go anywhere... only people in the supermarket admire them when I go for sweets. This lifestyle mean to me a lot. For example, a vision of the world. Everything goes online quickly. Actually, I also work on the Internet. I write articles on various topics. In my spare time I began to study all sorts of things.