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When SoftBank and Tiger Global Combine!

This Company Made $6.1 billion in 3 Months – Tekedia Forum – Tekedia

These two companies are bold. Great things happen when both combine: "The British fintech firm Revolut has raised $800 million in a new round that values it at a whopping $33 billion, or six times its valuation last year. Revolut is now Europe's second-biggest fintech unicorn after Klarna, and the biggest in the U.K. The latest round was led by SoftBank and Tiger Global", notes Fortune. 

The new money will be used to fund London-based Revolut’s expansion into new products and markets including the U.S. and India, according to a statement Thursday.

The funding increases Revolut’s valuation six-fold from a fundraising round in 2020 and makes Revolut the U.K.’s most valuable startup, surpassing Checkout.com’s $15 billion mark.


It's Tekedia Capital I see here.

Writing as a Prophet:

Tekedia Capital portfolio, raises $400 million to expand base into other part of the continent. This  firms sees a surge in valuation, breaking all startup records!

So shall it be.

By the way my eyes are on Son. There are lessons from that old man.

Have a restful night chief.

Thank you so much. We are inspired by SoftBank a lot.