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Who rules the world?

Supply chain!

Yes, Engineering may create but supply chain is the spine that makes flow possible. Yet, it is given less respect by many as a course with potentials to be studied.

Not until the recent pandemic, it roles was so commonized by many just as the role mother play in the house. However, for the world to work wonders it has to be present.

History records "The Great Pyramid of Giza contains 2.3 million individual blocks of stone. This meant that one block would have to be laid every five minutes of every hour, 24 hours a day, for 20 years. The problem? Each block weighs at least 2 tons. That’s 1,764,000 pounds of stone being laid every day for 20 years.

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The finished pyramid weighs 5.9 million metric tons — or over 13 billion pounds. According to Forbes, ‘although the inner core of limestone blocks came from a nearby quarry, the decorative higher-quality white limestone on the outside had to be transported from across the Nile. While 374,785,846 pounds of pinkish granite was procured from over 500 miles away."

- Tekedia's faculty Adeleke Adebayo on BusinessDay.