Fresh Graduates, Some Right Phrases to Use During Job Interviews

Fresh Graduates, Some Right Phrases to Use During Job Interviews

Interviews are always a step closer to landing that dream job. It is always the time to impress the recruiter or hiring manager.

However, I noticed some job seekers especially fresh graduates tend to blow their chances when it comes to answering interview questions. Most likened it to inexperience, the pressure to deliver or impress the interviewer (i.e. Recruiters/Hiring Managers).

Recruiters/Hiring Managers are definitely looking for candidates that are bold in their expression and can also solve organizations’ problems. Otherwise, there won’t be any reason to consider such a candidate. But knowing the right phrases to use in an interview, can sometimes boost the confidence of any job seeker and express their knowledge in a professional manner.

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According to Tracie Murray, “we all struggle to come up with the right phrase to use in an interview, especially school leavers.”

I attended an interview at United Bank for Africa (UBA), Marina, Lagos; the recruiter asked me, “Who are you?”

I muttered some words and looked so boring. I don’t need anyone to tell me I have failed as I stuttered while trying to find the appropriate phrases to express myself.

  • Why did I fail a simple question?
  • Was it lack of confidence?
  • Was it lack of knowledge?
  • Was it because I wasn’t prepared?

It was neither a lack of confidence nor a lack of knowledge. I was well prepared. But it was due to the lack of right phrases to buttress my knowledge and boost my confidence. I never made it to the next round.

Instead of playing the blame game, I decided to look into the mirror. Playing the blame game will not take me far. So I decided to find the right phrases to use during interviews. Perhaps, many job seekers can benefit from them.

However, Tracie Murray came up with some phrases that might be helpful during a job interview. These phrases can be used when expressing yourself to an interviewer. It will help in defining yourself clearly and concisely.

Positive English Phrases to Use at Interview

  • I am incredibly ambitious, and this role would be an excellent opportunity for me.
  • I’m confident I would make a valuable asset to your team.
  • I am conscientious and make sure I take care when doing a task.
  • I am easy-going and find it benefits me to be kind and helpful.
  • I pride myself in being honest and loyal because I believe it’s essential.
  • I’m very motivated and love what I do.

“Using phrases and keywords in your interview will increase your chances of success. Try writing more and use them at your next interview. It could be your day.” – Tracie Murray

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7 thoughts on “Fresh Graduates, Some Right Phrases to Use During Job Interviews

  1. Well outline keywords and phrases, and I like the advice, try writing more and use them at your next interview.

    I think the more these phrases and keywords are put to use the more they become part of our daily conversation and not even just for interviews.

  2. If you are the interviewer and you hear similar and well choreographed phrases from different candidates, won’t you be bored and suspicious too? Personally, I do not like hearing what I have heard before, so cramming known phrases and lines could be counterproductive.

    I think young candidates should focus on projecting what they know, with a personal touch of storytelling; you appear more authentic that way.

    If you tell me you are ambitious or very honest, the next question is not likely to be in your favour, especially if you don’t truly possess those qualities. It doesn’t help to get to interview room only to claim whom you are not, or overvalue your limited abilities; you will lose credibility if you do so.

    1. Akinwale Ogunkoya · Edit

      I totally agree with you on the story telling part, you get the opportunity to show your communication skill while also appearing authentic. It’s difficult to conjecture up a story, especially one that hasn’t been thought out before.

  3. I totally agree with you Francis. crammed lines would disappear immediately you sit in front of the interview panel. At that point it’s only what has become an integral part of you that will be available for use.

  4. “If you tell me you are ambitious or very honest, the next question is not likely to be in your favour, especially if you don’t truly possess those qualities.” Lol. Nothing beats capabilities – they go beyond words.

  5. To me standard and pedantic ways of doing things is reminiscent of the past when our business environment was stable and everything was expected to conform by the norm. In today’s age employers in a dynamic setting would likely be yarning to see something new coming from you that could wow them and demonstrate sense of creativity and pristiness from you.

  6. Akinwale Ogunkoya · Edit

    I think the best way remains the STAR response technique, anybody can claim to be honest, ambitious and all the positive words you can think of, but to describe a situation where you’ve demonstrated such qualities will create a good impression on the interviewers.


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