Ghana’s Aidah Bot Powers Customer Engagement with AI

Ghana’s Aidah Bot Powers Customer Engagement with AI

By Nnamdi Odumody

Aidah Bot is a platform from Ghana which utilizes artificial intelligence to automate customer engagement and provides ticketing support for businesses on their digital platforms.

At Aidah our mission is to connect companies with their online customers through our communication platform. We provide businesses with a multi-channel/automated messenger and empowering companies to deliver better experiences with their sales and support teams

It helps businesses in providing instant customer support to their customers while enabling access to different channels such as social media platforms and websites, from a single platform, saving them the hassle of switching between platforms. Aidah makes it easier for clients to respond to customer queries much faster by giving end customers enriched experiences.

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Its aim is to automate business processes which are mundane and allow organizations to focus on the core areas of their business. Aidah helps your customers engage with your brand in a peer to peer conversational manner by analyzing the customer’s question and delivering a suitable response.

In Nigeria, Ghana and the rest of Africa, a whole lot of businesses both small, medium and large organizations run their business processes in mundane methods not utilizing cloud based solutions which will enable them to be agile, flexible and offer their customers unique experiences. Aidah hopes to fix this friction by making them digitally transformed.

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