Gistcaster Is Revamped – Now, You Can Start Gisting, Even More Often

In April, we reported about the Nigerian startup, Gistcaster, that enables us to gist and talk – almost about anything. Now, the startup has revamped its website. It is better, engaging and pretty a good place to just gist.


In a post by the team, about a setback in the site, they concluded simply: “Thanks for all the support, so let’s continue Gisting!”. Oh yes, that is what we need to do.


The interface is redesigned and more innovations are coming up, they promised.


Gistcaster took the basic idea of status updates and extended it into full conversations. Unlike Twitter, there is no 140 character limit. It simply offers full commenting system, Geo location, Groups, and superb privacy settings which enable users decide who-sees-what. The site is engineered around information sharing and discovery based on location or  and networks.


And the good one: Gistcaster is 100% FREE to use. No strings attached, although the team suggest that you check their  Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Freedom? Yes. Indeed, a gist is every new conversation.


One drawback: you will need to re-register after this redesigned process.But not a big deal as the process is very easy.


You can also access the site via mobile device from here.


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