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Google AdSence Be Ready – Nigeria Has Got ZeeAdSpace. It Provides Locally Targetted Ad

ZeeAdSpace provides a marketplace where publishers and advertises can buy ads. The company will then populate those ads to some well trafficked sites in Nigeria. We actually saw their ads in Yarnpad. It is a kind of cross-linking where an ad in placed in one place and it could be shown in many relevant sites. This is what Google does expect that it is done at a global level.


If this company has resources and execute this vision, it can solve a very niche problem – providing ads that are locally targeted and which could be more relevant than Google flashing a Fasmicro training ad to someone in Michigan.


From their website

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Not using ZeeAdSpace yet? Here’s why you should sign-up:



  • You can create your account and start displaying your adverts on
    some of the most visited websites with as low as N1,000
  • Ability to create campaign and adverts in text format or
    graphics and choose the amounts you want to be charged per impression
  • Control over contents and sites
  • Set your daily budget
  • Ability to determine websites, in which adverts will be placed
  • Ability to generate reports
  • Ability to know/see the sites displaying your adverts
  • Ability to view site visitors that clicked on the adverts by
    country, area etc
  • No doubt, Zee AdSpace will draw more traffic to your website
  • It will bring about greater returns on investment (ROI)



  • Stop wasting time trying to sell ads on your site, automate your advertising space with ZeeAdSpace.com
  • Get paid for displaying ZeeAdSpace.com ads that are relevant to your site’s content
  • Easy to get started, quick install
  • Cash out anytime

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