Google+ and Apple iCloud Set Up Mobile Platform Cloud Battle

As mobile app and platform leadership continues to coalesce around Apple and Google, both players are leveraging their strengths into the cloud in different, but compelling new ways that are likely to generate long-term value and competitive differentiation for each of their respective ecosystems. Topline findings from IDC report throws more light on this:


When asked what will impact the growth and adoption of mobile the most, Apple and Google come out on top. In order of priority:

o Google+: 25%

o Apple iCloud: 22%

o Near-Field Communication: 18%

o iOS 5 Twitter Integration: 14%

o Android Patent Issues: 13%

o Amazon Android Tablet Rumors: 6%

o HP TouchPad Launch: 2%

  • Two-thirds of respondents believe that Google can catch up to Facebook in social with Google+.
  • While Google+ may be the future, today 83% of developers using social in their apps say they use or are planning to use Facebook this year. Twitter is second at 73%, followed closely by Google+ (when API is released) at 72%, LinkedIn at 30%, and Foursquare at 23%.
  • When asked what social capabilities are most important in their apps, developers said that features that encourage repeat usage and offer fresh content are more important than location check-ins and photo sharing.
  • Continuing on the real-time update theme, when it comes to iOS 5 features, developers are most interested in: improved notifications (58%), iCloud (51%), integrated Twitter support (40%), reminders (36%), and iMessage (32%).
  • iCloud may significantly disrupt the mobile cloud computing space, as developers envision a tight race between Amazon and Apple.
  • When asked which platform is best positioned to win in the enterprise, respondents were evenly divided between iOS and Android at 44% each.
  • While neck and neck in the enterprise, perceptions on why Apple or Google might win in the enterprise are dramatically different.
  • With relatively few new product announcements this past quarter, platform priorities haven’t changed significantly. iPhone remains tops as 91% say they are “very interested” in developing for the device.

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