Google Search Engine – Organizing The Digital World One Page At A Time

Almost everybody is familiar with Google Inc. Computer science graduates Larry Page and Sergey Brin are responsible for the internet search engine that changed the way people web surf. The services of the company do not stop there though.


This is a cloud computing corporation, offering several technologies such as the Gmail personal email service, the Orkut social networking and web discussion site and their income generating Ad Words program which gives companies the benefit of advertising their links on numerous affiliated web pages on a per click basis.


A Look at the Logo

Anyone who has been using the company’s search engine is familiar with the number of temporary modifications it has undergone through the years. The pop logo design is used to celebrate holidays, major events such as the Olympics as well as birthdays or milestones.


Ruth Kedar is responsible for the design of the company’s brand identity. It is a word mark which is based on the font called “Catull”. When it was first introduced after the term “BackRub” was replaced, it sported an exclamation point which was placed in order to be associated to “Yahoo!”. The colors found in the logo are mostly primary colors except for the letter L. Being shaded in a secondary color signified how the company liked setting the trend or following their own rules.


The idea for the company name came from the mathematical term for number one. It is followed by a hundred zeroes which represents how infinite the information on the internet is.


Maintaining their Success

In order to keep up with rapidly developing technology, the Google Guys believe that the philosophies which apply to the development of the successful search engine can apply to all of their products.


One such philosophy states that there is an endless amount of information available. This is the kind of thinking that lead to the company’s phone number listings, book preview system as well as their organization of image files, videos and news clippings. This also applies to their Android operating system, which is why they opt to leave it as an open source platform. It is aimed to encourage developers and manufacturers to contribute to the information repository of the system.


The company believes that everything can still be improved and developed. For example, they were already successful in providing accurate results to properly spelled search queries but to help users find what they are looking for even if they commit typos, an intuitive spell checking system was implemented and is now used worldwide.

The Green Android

The Android OS was announced back in November 2007. It was initially developed by Android Inc. until Google purchased the system. Now it is a part of the Open Handset Alliance and has its code library available for developers under the Apache License.

The first mobile phone to use the Little Green Robot was the HTC Dream which was released on the 22nd of October 2008. Today, thousands of Android devices are being shipped every day.


by Simon Drew

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