Home Community Insights Google to Display Latest AI Features at Its Annual Developer Conference This Week

Google to Display Latest AI Features at Its Annual Developer Conference This Week

Google to Display Latest AI Features at Its Annual Developer Conference This Week

Giant tech company Google is set to display its latest remarkable AI features at its annual developer conference on Wednesday, as it also plans to launch a general-use large language model (LLM).

According to an internal document about Google I/O, the tech company will unveil PaLM 2, its most recent advanced large language model. The PaLM 2, which stands for “Pathways Language Model, is a next-generation language model that is expected to outperform its predecessor, PaLM.

PaLM 2 includes more than 100 languages and has also performed a broad range of coding and math tests as well as creative writing tests and analyses. Last month, Google revealed that its medical LLM called “Med-PaLM2” can answer medical exam questions at an expert doctor level and is accurate 85% of the time.

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Google’s launch of PaLM-2 is just one of several announcements that the company is expected to make at its developer conference, signaling its continued focus on AI against rivals like OpenAI and Microsoft.

At the event, Google will make announcements on the theme of how AI is “helping people reach their full potential,” including “generative experiences” to Bard and Search, the documents show. Notably, the tech giant has been working on a series of more powerful Bard models, which saw it officially launch the tool to some selected users as an experiment last month.

Internally, the company has worked on a multi-modal version called “multi-Bard,” which uses a larger data set and solves complex math and coding programs. Unlike Microsoft’s Bing chatbot, Bard doesn’t have footnotes with web sources. Those footnotes can help users check the accuracy of an answer. If they aren’t satisfied with Bard’s answer, Google also presents the ability to view more answers for the same query. All they have to do is to click in the top-right corner named “View other drafts” to load more answers.

Currently, Bard is a separate product from Google’s search engine. Google’s CEO Pichai notes that Bard draws on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality responses, suggesting it may be able to answer questions about recent events, something its rival ChatGPT struggles with.

Google has been heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the company’s focus on this area is expected to continue at its annual developer conference. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the company plans to make its Search more “visual, snackable, personal, and human.”  The tech giant also plans on expanding on its “Workspace AI collaborator,” including discussing template generation in Sheets and image generation in its Slides and Meet products.

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