Governor Seyi Makinde Should Help Reduce Outrageous Tuition fees in Polytechnic Ibadan

Governor Seyi Makinde Should Help Reduce Outrageous Tuition fees in Polytechnic Ibadan

If you think knowledge is too expensive, then try ignorance. This is an adage I’ve known right from my childhood days.

The fact remains – education is the common basis for everyone to acquire knowledge. Some of our parents who never had basic education often regret it. Some of them feel they were affected because of it, which has prompted many parents to do everything possible to see their child(ren) get basic education at least.

However, the cost of basic education is on the rise. It no longer looks affordable for many parents who are still struggling to eat at least one square meal per day.

Adeleke Lekan, a graduate of the Polytechnic Ibadan shared his concern about the increment in tuition fee.

”I finished from the Polytechnic Ibadan two years ago. Acquiring basic education is no longer easy for any parents out there. When I was in school, things were a little bit hard for me. As the first son who had little or no support, I promised myself a basic education at least.”

He continued, ”I do tell myself that, there is nothing with a beginning that doesn’t have an end.”

Adeleke further talked about the outrageous fee he paid to keep his dream alive.

”I remembered then, the school management threatened to deny any student still owing from writing quiz or exams. What will I do? I took my laptop and sold it in order to pay before the deadline.”

Adeleke felt it was unfair treatment from the management. This made him questioned if the management were deploying a system being used in primary and secondary schools.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back, Adeleke talked about the management of the Polytechnic Ibadan called for a PTA meeting, that is, the Parents and Teachers Association. This makes the whole thing looks like a secondary school in disguise.

Adeleke Lekan pleaded on behalf of the students who might be walking in his shoes at the institution by appealing to the management of the institution to be considerate.

”People are suffering out there. Many students do labor works before they could afford to pay for their tuition fee. Not everyone has a parent/guardian that is always there for them. I’m begging the management of the Polytechnic Ibadan to be considerate.”

The big question – Is it proper for the management of any higher institution to stop students from writing quiz/test or exam because they owe tuition fee?

I’m using this medium to beg the Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, to help reduce the tuition fees at the Polytechnic Ibadan.

We all deserve a basic education at least.

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