Home Community Insights Has The Nigerian Presidency Become A Joke?

Has The Nigerian Presidency Become A Joke?

Has The Nigerian Presidency Become A Joke?

With the preparations for the 2023 presidential elections gearing up, I have personally lost count of politicians who have declared their intentions to run for the position of the President in Nigeria. With each passing day, there is one individual who has decided to make his or her declaration.

According to report, in 2019 there was a total of 73 presidential candidates on the ballot paper. We would have seen a more high amount of that next year, but unfortunately, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) deregistered 74 parties in 2020 and placed restrictions on party registration before elections.

Looking at the high number of individuals that have made declarations thus far, it is pertinent to say that the battle for party tickets will be a fierce one. The numerous declarations made by these individuals have left some citizens bewildered because even those who have once held a position and performed abysmally, have also shown interest. The office of the president has become devalued lately, that even a roadside mechanic thinks he stands a chance to become Nigeria’s next president. One is tempted to ask, has the presidency become a joke?

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I have seen politicians that should have laid low, also make declarations. To further show their seriousness, some have gone ahead to purchase the presidential form for different parties, not even deterred by its outrageous price. As usual, these politicians who have declared, all seem to have a solution to the problem of the country.

There is a little doubt that a considerable number of aspirants are inspired by the incumbent, looking at how poor his portfolio is, yet he became president. The bar of expectation has been brought low, considering the challenges the country is faced with, it is indeed worrisome. The most shocking of all these declarations is that of aspirants who are part of the present Buhari administration making declarations.

From the Vice President Professor Yemi Osibanjo to the Minister of Transportation Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, to the Minister of Labour and Employment, Sen. Chris Ngige. With the way the present administration has plunged the country into a mess, I am perplexed if these aspirants aforementioned feel they can get the support of the citizens knowing how awful their administration has performed.

These declarations have further triggered thoughts about the wealth of relevant expertise and character we have in Nigeria, to occupy the position of the President and wonder why not more of them are contesting.

Meanwhile, there are some reputable individuals whose declarations have excited a lot of citizens, because of their reputation and vast knowledge on issues and the values they not only espouse but live. For some declarations, you will need to restrain yourself from not bursting out in laughter, because of the caliber of some of these individuals who have shown interest in becoming the president.

A mere look at their portfolio and previous performances automatically disqualify them for the position of the president, yet they chose to declare their intentions. These declarations however spurred some Nigerian netizens who out of a bid to hilariously mimic these politicians, have also declared intentions. As hilarious as some of these declarations are, Nigerians can’t afford to miss it at this juncture. The country is currently in dire need of a “messiah” who will pull this country from the current mess. It is a period for Nigerians to vote wisely.

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