Tekedia Mini-MBA – An Industry Expert To Lead The HR Management Session

Tekedia Mini-MBA – An Industry Expert To Lead The HR Management Session

When we released the Tekedia Mini-MBA program structure, Human Resources Management was not there. If you can weave a triple helix of people, process and tools management systems, you will notice that People is catalytic. Why? Going back to the classical factors of production, labour is a critical factor for location and localization of firms (chapter 3 in AO Lawal’s Economics textbook in secondary school). To attract, retain, motivate and promote human capital is one of the most important elements that drive competitiveness and organization productivity.

In my undergraduate business course in FUTO, the professor had a topic, Engineer Turns Manager; he posited on treating workers well, in order to maximize derivable output. The professor, Prof Onwuka, a professor of mechanical Engineering, who just finished his MBA then, put everything in an optimization equation; it was magical how central humans can be in commerce.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Mini-MBA would not be complete without a session on Human Capital Management. We have found a leader who will anchor it. Uchenna Anyanwu was GM Human Resources in one of Africa’s largest companies – the Halogen Group – which employs about 17,000 people. He later became Group Talent Director in Redslate, one of Africa’s finest experience companies. Today, he is the Managing Consultant in talent-focused advisory firm, Talgen Business Solution. A member of the HRD, the guild of directors in the human resources industry, he will take us into that HR management excursion.

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