How Android Won Search in Mobile Space for Google. Tekedia Predicts Chrome To Power Mobile Devices In 2014

Google remains a company that is heavily dependent on its search.  Most of its revenue comes from search.  A lot of analysts had called it a one pony company. Attack the search and Google is gone.


But that is where they get it wrong. Google has gone beyond that. Simply, Google has perfected a domination of the mobile search which is the next frontier.  It won the Internet long ago. Now, it has won the mobile with Android. Yes, we are very close to make the call despite our observation that Microsoft can disrupt by giving Office 365 away in Windows Mobile tablets.


In Q4 2010, mobile search grew for Google 4x  for web browsers while search on Android was 10x. It has been observed that  Android users search more often than regular smartphone users. This has to do with the way the OS was engineered.  It has a search button for most devices and there is also a search widget where users can start search. This simply makes it a hot device.


With the launch of Google Wallet, get ready for more fun in Android. That will push the competition to the next level.


But all in all, Tekedia predicts that irrespective of the success of Android, Chrome OS will soon add new flavors and power future tablets from Google. The reality is that Chrome OS is a mobile OS because it is web based. And we think tablets will do well on it. Then why will Google compete with Google , Android vs. Chrome. Answer: they have cash and money. For a company that will bring more than $27b this year, they can afford to play ideas with some engineers.


Finally, we benchmark Android with other mobile OS.


Q1 2011 market share

Android 35%, Apple 18%, Blackberry 14%, Microsoft 2%


Number of apps

Android 200,000 Apple 425,000  Blackberry  25,000 Microsoft  20,000



Android 215 Apple 200  Blackberry  n/a Microsoft  60


S’phone available

Android 310 Apple 2  Blackberry  6 Microsoft  11


Credit/ Fortune, Canalys

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