How Big Is Your Circle?

How Big Is Your Circle?

”The older I get, the more I understand the importance of the circle of people you choose to surround yourself with.”Lacey Abbacchi

Often times, we want to have everyone in our circle. The truth is, not everyone is meant for your circle. You’ve got to cultivate and nurture that circle and only let certain people in, because not everybody is on your side, although they may claim to be.

You can be open minded, honest and real while still understanding that not everyone deserves a seat at your table because you become like people you have in your circle.

  • How big is your circle?
  • Do you prefer to have many people a part of it, or only a select few?
  • And have you ever been betrayed by someone that you thought was your friend?

Here are different views from different schools of thought:

  • ”Some will smile to your face and try to tear you down behind your back. Others will stand by your side and celebrate your wins with you. ”Who you allow in and who you surround yourself with is crucial to creating your best life. That said, the wrong people usually have a way of cleansing themselves from your life. ”The key is to let those doors close so the right ones can open.”Tony Abbacchi
  • ”When you start on a journey of personal growth and awareness, you become more selective with the kind of people you surround yourself with. I have certainly lost people I thought were my friends during a period in my life. ”Those were never really friends. They had a purpose in My life- to teach me more about myself.” Veronica Owusu
  • ”I have a nice mix of people from here, there and everywhere but those within my inner “bubble” are fewer than they used to be. ”This is due to MANY betrayals, by my best long time friends even. Some of which eventually threatened my very existence. ”I ran around in fear and shame, hiding and hoping to shake all of the negativity and animosity that surrounded me. But when I turned to God in desperation, I slowly grow and begin to see light again.”TeriAnne
  • ”We have people whom we know and we have people who we can trust.”My circle is small because trust is something which needs to be earned and that circle whom we trust unconditionally is usually a close-knit one.”I know some people do have a big circle, but as we all know, not everybody is on our side and that is a painful realization that I have gone through and learned from.”Naheed Khan
  • ”One should stay clear of all laggards, losers, and naysayers. My mantra is to stay clear of ANYONE that does NOT respect, understand, support, or appreciate you. ”My “circle” is small and only educated, experienced, caring, loving professional people are part of my inner circle of friends. ”Those handful of people will NEVER turn their back on me. As I will NEVER turn my back on them. Why?  Because we built a trust and a relationship over time that is based in HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY and freedom of speech.  ”We don’t blow smoke up each other’s arse. We don’t sugarcoat or participate in being politically-correct (PC).”However, we DO participate in being respectful and helpful to each other. All those in my circle I trust with my life; as they trust me with theirs.” – Dr. Nick.
  •  ”My friends are less than the fingers. I can count on one hand, at the bottom of the pit I crawl out with my two hands before I could see the light and stand on my own two feet. ”When there is light, I have my shadow – my shadow is my friend who will always be faithful and keep me company until the end of time in this world. ”People will come and go, not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to be your friend. ”Hope you are doing great, people that leave our lives are sometimes a blessing. Sometimes we leave people because it is not possible to be together.”Janet NG

Life is too short to live with regrets or stay around naysayers. Your circle doesn’t have to be big, keep it short and simple, and everything will fall in place.

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