How Is Your ‘LinkedIn Today’? – LinkedIn Seems To Have A Great Product

Linkedin, the US company that is making many investors richer, seems to have scored a huge success in the new product,  ‘LinkedIn Today’. This new product is a personalized news feed that aggregates news from around the web. What it does well is that it looks at the profile and then based on that will serve the right news content. It also looks at your professional networks, and tweeter feeds  to evaluate what could interest you and using that will make recommendations on what could possibly be your interest.


A footballer may get a lot of football news, while a banker will get more banking related publications. LinkedIn Today also allows users to personalize the story by industry.


It is evident that Linkedin is evolving into a career company and can challenge Careerbuilder and Monster with a clean and neater interface. But it cannot rely on traffic to grow since it is not a site people must visit daily. Your professional bio does not change daily while you can have new tweets and Facebook updates, Linkedin cannot boast of attracting you to the site daily. That is simply the reason it is adding these news aggregator that can get to help them build traffic.


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