Home Community Insights How job seekers can answer interview questions. An interview with Deborah Dumbiri

How job seekers can answer interview questions. An interview with Deborah Dumbiri

How job seekers can answer interview questions. An interview with Deborah Dumbiri

Job seekers should start reading like a salesperson. If you want a job, do something different. Deborah Dumbiri shared her work experience and how she will tackle her next role. Many job seekers can learn from this approach. Meanwhile, she got a job after granting this interview.

Can you introduce yourself to the audience?

My name is Deborah Dumbiri. I am a graduate of Business Management and Economics. I graduated in 2014 with a GPA of 3.9. Then I had an MSc degree in 2016, both degrees from the University of Fort Hare, South Africa. I have a few years of working experience as an HR and admin assistant, customer service and as a facilitator/corporate trainer. I am a very confident and smart lady who is ready to learn. I am also a student member of CIPM.

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That’s interesting. I didn’t know that you had your education in South Africa. Can you share your academic experience compared to the Nigerian educational system?

The South African system of education is quite different from Nigeria, even though I didn’t go to school in Nigeria, but with the few things I have heard, I can tell.

South Africa uses a 7-5-3-1 system that is: 7 years in primary, 5 in secondary 3 for ist degree and 1 for an honours degree. This is one thing that stands out as different apart from the way the citizens are encouraged to go to school by giving cash incentives.

Thanks for sharing. Did you stay back after your graduation?

Yes, I started my career thereby facilitating in a college where corporate training is conducted. That’s where I gathered my experience in training and facilitating. Even though my parents are still there, I just felt like coming back

Oh really! Why did you choose to return to Nigeria?

I don’t like the place…they don’t really like foreigners. That’s why I really preferred to come back home and then if I want to travel, I will choose a better country.

I have no idea, but, it’s okay. So how has it been like to live in Nigeria?

Good. I was born here and I had my secondary education here…so it is fine.

Where do you work currently?

Nowhere. I stopped working in October last year.

That means you are currently on a job hunting?


What position(s) do you think you will fit into perfectly in any organization?

Human Resource and Administrative role.

Have you ever worked in that role in any company?

Yes. That was where I worked in my last company. HR and Administrative assistant.

What will your potential employer enjoy from your service?

My professionalism, integrity, ability to build and work well in a team and my presentation skills.

What problems are you going to solve for any company that hires you?

If hired as an HR personnel or assistant, I will look into the issue of monitoring and evaluation of staff. I see that loophole in Nigeria companies. It is a big issue because staff that are not well monitored can not do well or even have a basis of evaluation or promotion or increment whichever the case.

Can you share a scenario where you solved a problem like that at your previous place of work?

I haven’t really solved any but I have given practical ideas to my superior about how each staff member should have a proper job description, then make sure hands are busy daily working on their job description.

Also, there should be a weekly report. From there, we can tell who is lacking. Do some random walk around to know what every staff member is doing.

At the end of 6 months, do a 2-page performance evaluation. Give some incentives to the best performing staff. This in turn will build the morale of others and make them sit up. That was in place before I left.

Okay. Why do you think you should be hired over all other job applicants?

My wealth of experience working in different sectors and with different people made me stand out to be the best amongst others. My presentation and ability to use Ms office well. Also my ability to work with little or no supervision and my professional approach to work.

What company are you looking forward to working with soon?

Any company, private or public.

Thank you for your time, Deborah. I wish you a blissful career ahead.

Thank you, Chinedu. I appreciate what you do for the world.

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