How To Answer A Cheap But Technical Interview Question

How To Answer A Cheap But Technical Interview Question

Picture yourself in an interview that has over 1000 applicants. You definitely know you must be on top of your game to stand a chance of getting through to the next stage. 

Let’s agree you have prepared well enough and you are standing in front of the Recruiter/Hiring Manager, then here comes the big question for you: “Can you tell me about your weaknesses.”

The next thing that runs through your mind is – ”How do you tell someone that you want to impress about the areas that you really are crap at?”

Most people (job seekers especially) often make up something that honestly sounds really fake.

Typical examples: “I work too hard”, “I care too much ”, “I can work under pressure.”

So how do you answer this question and impress the interviewer?

Well for starters – don’t say  “weaknesses”, rather call them your “development needs”. It is much more positive – don’t you think?

And then talk about your development needs.

 Your development needs could be:

  • The need to learn how to communicate more effectively
  • To learn how to say no more often
  • Or to learn how to influence upwards

Whatever your development needs are – write them down and then write out what you are doing to develop them.

So here is a little text that could work:

“I prefer to call weaknesses – development needs.”

“One of the areas that I am working on developing is my management skills and helping my team to be more productive. I am doing this by reading books (mention some of the books you are reading) and I have commenced a course (mention as well) in developing myself in this area.”

Isn’t this better than saying, “A weakness I have is that – I am a bad manager”?

An interview is always a place to show your ability and convince the Hiring Manager that you are the right fit for the available role. Don’t be blown away by the cheap question. You only need to be smart while answering some cheap but technical questions.

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