How to Build a Comprehensive Nigeria Soil Map

How to Build a Comprehensive Nigeria Soil Map

Nigeria needs a comprehensive soil map to help drive agriculture in the 21st century. This will help farmers in planning and developing strategies by understanding the soil fertility distributions across the country.

Zenvus has the capability to assist local, state and federal governments to  build soil map at any level. With Zenvus Fusion, we will collect 10,000 data points per ward with the location selections widely spread so that the ward is evenly represented. That data will be used to build the soil map for that ward. By building many wards, we will develop the map for a local government area and then a state. With the states done, we can have the whole of the country available for farmers.

Zenvus uses proprietary electronics and software to build this map, taking into considerations topography from Google maps, and other indicators. The data from the electronics are analysed to help determine the nutritional content of the soil. The components in the soil will guide the soil design.

Zenvus Fusion has a mission to also use the soil map to determine the best five crops any ward can grow more profitably. Many things are taken into considerations when determining and modeling which crops make the cut.

Zenvus has in-built GPS, compass and the software incorporates field mapping, grid mapping, GPS based topography, yield maps, and other indicators to achieve a more precise field map. The software also considers soil conditions at different depths, and applies these conditions to the sensor located at those depths. With these factors along with the market prices of the crops, Zenvus Fusion will tell a farmer the best crop to grow in the ward or location.

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  1. 1.How can one know the accuracy of the soil map produced by Zenvus?
    2.How does this model predict the suitability of the soil at a spot for a given crop without data on the soil requirements (properties favouable for that crop?
    3. I am interested in this subject matter


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