How To Crush And Pass A Video Interview

How To Crush And Pass A Video Interview

The advent of technology has not only brought about ease in the human work environment, but it has also transformed the traditional ways of doing things even in job recruitment world.

As some job seekers still get nervous when it comes to a one-on-one interview with recruiters/hiring managers, will the video interview provides  a better means of crushing the interview?

This is a doubt cleared by Jeremy Leonard. He said: ”If you are a JOBSEEKER and have never been asked to participate in a video interview, chances are you will soon.”

Since technology has always been meant to ease life, a video interview will definitely do the same. Of course, we should have more success rate at passing interviews and also, this will solve the logistics problems encountered by job seekers, thereby, reducing the cost incurred by them. Even if they don’t get the job, they won’t feel too upset about it as much financial cost is not involved.

Here are a few tips by Jeremy Leonard to help prepare you when getting in front of the camera for interviews:

  • Try to find a location that’s free from the distractions of children, roommates or pets and avoid public places such as coffee shops and or courtyards which can suddenly become loud. This will help you stay focused and uninterrupted. It will also present you as a professional which is an important factor.
  • Test your Technology – A few days before the interview, do a technical trial run to make sure your equipment is working properly. Is your computer’s camera clear and positioned well? Is your microphone picking up your voice properly? Technology can be a bit messy sometimes that could end up screwing your interview. Since there are many candidates for the recruiters to interview, you might not get a second chance.
  • Dress for success – I shouldn’t have to say this part, but don’t try and pull off the old newscaster trick. You know… the one where you only dress appropriately from the waist up? Is it really worth the risk? (To all risk-takers – job seekers, out there, this is a rhetorical question. Wear Pants?). As much as you might be sitting down all through the interview session, it’s still advisable to dress properly. You never know what could happen.
  • Look Directly into the camera – It’s easier for your eyes to wander when the person you’re talking to isn’t in the room. Looking into the camera brings the human connection and also portrays a level of seriousness to the interviewer. Imagine yourself talking to someone who’s not looking at you, you might feel that such a person is uninterested with what you are discussing. That could be the same message you might be passing to the interviewer as well.

JOBSEEKERS – What part of the interview process do you struggle with?

I’m ready to provide more information about this through an interview expert and recruiter, Jeremy Leonard.

I wish you success in your next video interview.

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