How To Make Your Office Window Look Professional

How To Make Your Office Window Look Professional

How your office looks contributes to your brand. If your business is operating in the 10th floor of a well-known commercial building which has the most advanced facilities, maintains a fresh coat of paint and is accessible to anyone living from different parts of the city, it won’t be long before your business can build a positive brand. Undeniably, the aesthetics of your office can make or break your business’ success in the future. Which is why you should also pour in time and effort to make your office window look professional. This is one of the most visible parts of your office and using windows which are either dirty, cracked or damaged can adversely affect your brand.

An office window can be a good source of natural light which can result in more productive employees and lesser energy consumption. It can also protect employees from harsh weather conditions and helps control the ventilation in an office. And while an office window can provide several benefits to employees indoors, it might not have the same effect to potential customers if these don’t look professional once viewed outside. Let the tips below help you achieve that goal:

  1. Regular cleaning: Your office window will never look professional if it’s full of dust or dirt. An office window which looks like this will only signify that your business doesn’t pay attention to details and takes cleanliness for granted. Regularly cleaning your office windows is key to make these look professional. Use a damp cloth while cleaning as this can easily remove dust and dirt. Avoid using water in excessive amounts to avoid damaging the frame of the window. You can also use a mild detergent and soft brush if your window has aluminum or vinyl frames. Don’t forget to use a glass cleaner to add extra shine to your office windows!

  1. Scheduled inspection: There are many obvious signs which can tell you that your office windows need repair or replacement. It can be through a cracked glass, broken locks or moisture in the window frames. However, there are also some signs which can only be assessed by professionals. If you want your office window to be functional all the time, have scheduled inspections. You can do this once or twice a year, depending on the volume and type of office windows. This can be costly especially if you’re going to hire professionals but scheduled inspection is actually cost-effective. You’ll be able to determine a window’s problem at the earliest time possible which can lead to lesser expenses in repairs.
  1. Re-painting: Sure, your office window might still be functioning after a couple of years but have you assessed how it looks like from the outside? Is the original paint color of the window frame still visible? Or does it even have any coat of paint? Making your office window look professional will become an easier task once these are painted every four years. Painting your office window will not only improve how your building looks like but it can also protect your window from elements outdoors.
  1. Have it tinted: Most often than not, cleaning your office window regularly or making sure that everything inside is organized can seem like a tiresome chore. You might have too much on your plate and having another responsibility can already become too overwhelming for you. If this is the case, consider acquiring the services of professionals who are offering commercial window tinting Once tinted, your office window can look professional effortlessly. A tinted office window can also protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. 

  1. Use shades or blinds: Because of the limited space of an office building, you might be positioned in an area wherein your computer screens can be visible through office windows. This kind of setup allows anyone to view important business information which can damage the business in the long run. In situations like these, using shades or blinds can be considered as an option. Shades and blinds can protect you from cold temperatures while adding privacy and energy efficiency. Adding these to your office windows can keep important business information inside while looking professional outside.

The First Impression Lasts

Regardless if you’re an employee or business owner, you should pay attention to the amenities and facilities of your office building. Since this is the place where the business is operating, its overall theme can influence a potential customer’s decision. Of course, no one would choose a business which is located in a wrecked or damaged building. This kind of image will only cause customers to be suspicious about your business. If you want your business to thrive long-term, invest in your location and building – and taking care of your office windows can be a good start. When your office windows look professional all the time, the public can easily associate a positive brand with your business.

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