How To Work Towards Increasing Your Earnings

How To Work Towards Increasing Your Earnings

This post is going to be really insightful and you might have to jot things down. It’s on how to work towards increasing your earnings.

Firstly, I’d let you know that anybody can become very successful. I mean anybody can be very successful. Either a dropout, a university first class, last class or even you didn’t go to a university.

So when I talk about becoming a millionaire, or even a billionaire, have confidence. You can fall into this category, and do not look down upon yourself.

To be very rich, it’s mostly you understand financial management very well irrespective of your call. Well, I do not understand financial management in depth but I know that it helps in becoming successful. More like understanding money, investment and all. I really cannot teach being wealthy based on this. Financial education is supposed to be taught in the University anyway.

However, I’d teach on another method. That’s through your skill, through your knowledge (either academics or any knowledge). I’m aware a lot of people are acquiring skills or lots of skills just to save themselves from the suffering of the present economic system.

Well, if saving yourself from suffering is your goal, then forget it, this post isn’t for you. However, if your goal is to hit millions as soon as possible, then it’s for you..

It has no specific time frame and it depends on lots of factors; location, human factor, cash, mentality and so many more.

So how can you hit millions as soon as possible in your business or skill? Now let me establish this clearly. Becoming a millionaire most times out of many is not by luck. Stop daydreaming that one day you would be lucky.

Check out millionaires and billionaires, a lot of them didn’t acquire it through luck. So get ready to put in the work. What I would be sharing are the steps to take and the knowledge that you didn’t know which is very useful.

Firstly, before I give advice to people on skills, business and all; I always ask how grounded are you in that skill or in the knowledge for the business.

One of my friends reached me yesterday that he wanted to learn many skills; he plans to use two weeks to learn one. Now, because he is a friend, I had to send him over 8 minutes voice note telling him that was a dumb move.

Nobody becomes a millionaire by having half baked knowledge. Unfortunately, half baked knowledge is what lots of youth build themselves on in the name of skill. It can only feed you. So before you start this journey, how well are you good at that skill or that business or even in that course (I don’t mean grade good alone). If you are not very good, stop right here! You can make a screen shot but the remaining contents are not for you.

Mind you, get this straight. That you are very good with a skill doesn’t still mean you’d be rich. That’s the mistake people make. Good skills alone cannot make you successful.

Indeed, make sure you’re very grounded in the academic knowledge (real world wise) or that business knowledge. At least we’d know that one is solved. There are other things to worry about.

Now that you have that skill or business or certificate, how can you convert it to millions in years?

Like I said, it takes time and depends on factors. But does that mean I won’t start earning millions let’s say in a year’s time? Obviously, I would.

Now the first part you need to know is that for the world to know you, you need to sell yourself. Two years ago, I was a pro at sales. Everybody needs to understand sales and sales can only be effective in physical meetings or online meetings

Now, who do you sell yourself to?

That’s the big question you should ask yourself. When you sell yourself, people buy your skills as well. So who do you sell yourself to?

Obviously, you sell yourself to people who can afford you. I said afford you. I have successfully sold myself to you guys on WhatsApp and you have bought me… Do you know the profit I made from the sales?… INFLUENCE

I have succeeded on WhatsApp and Facebook and I have sold myself to those who I can make influence as profit. Influence matters a lot. Whether you are a pro or not, influence is key.

But should I be honest with you, influence cannot make you rich. You can have influence and still be poor. So what’s the next thing or next place to sell yourself?

You need to sell yourself to those whom you cannot influence but they can pay your value. Or they have connections and can recommend you. However, there’s no way you can sell yourself to them if you are not around them.

This means that you need to be among people who are extremely able to pay huge price for the skills or knowledge that comes with you.

Or that can recommend you to those people. Those are the wealthy folks. That’s where you should be. Stay on that circle. Yes, it’s possible to be in that circle. But make sure it’s your niche. Become friends with them and let them become friends with you..

Now you may ask me, is it possible to befriend a billionaire or a celebrity? What is stopping you is the fear of rejection or embarrassment.

You can sell yourself on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. But two categories: normal people and wealthy. So seek to be in their circles.

The question you should ask me is that; “is it compulsory to know wealthy people or be in their circles”. Actually, it’s not but it has its advantages, a whole lot of advantages and it accelerates the accomplishment.

You can be a millionaire without knowing wealthy people but you need to know how to do that. So let’s say you have a skill or you have knowledge. You need to find a space where that knowledge is needed and be there.

It could be in a small office or even on social media. The next thing is that you have to be proactive. More like, you need to be willing to share the knowledge (that was why I emphasized that you needed to be good to an extent).

Then share such knowledge. The more knowledge you share, the more your net worth in value increases ether at work, or social media. To bring that money, monetize that audience or influence circle.

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