How World Reacts to WHO’s 3TI Approach for Coronavirus Containment

How World Reacts to WHO’s 3TI Approach for Coronavirus Containment

Since the emergence of Coronavirus in December 2019, the World Health Organisation has been the coordinating health institution for health ministries, departments and agencies of governments in the developed and developing continents. Among other responsibilities, the global health body has disseminated and still disseminating various messages on the containment of the virus to the public through its communication channels. 

Recently, one of the messages on social media platforms called the attention of the stakeholders in the health sector to the need to adopt a comprehensive approach tagged ‘test, trace, treat and isolate’. The post says “We can still beat COVID-19 with a comprehensive approach: test, trace, treat, isolate. In this video, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove talks about numerical forecasts of the coronavirus’s trajectory and reminds us that we can all prevent the worst, following WHO guidance.”

In our efforts of bringing insights from various perspectives on the containment and mitigation strategies being employed by the stakeholders, we analysed the views of 25 global citizens that trailed the institution’s message. Knowcovid-19 Nigeria learnt that a significant number of the citizens expect provision of more testing materials and adequate protective equipment for the health workers treating the infected people across the world. They also want strict adherence and enforcement of social distance, while everyone should be tested irrespective of whether the person shows the symptoms of the virus or not.  

“Our healthcare workers need PPE and we need more tests! We need to be testing people regardless if they have symptoms or not and mandate an isolate in place order, and close all noon essential businesses! Why are people still out shopping at the dang mall and visiting friends and family at their houses?. This stuff is never going to end, people are too dumb and selfish,” one of the citizens pointed out.

Another citizen from the United States of America notes that there are enough testing kits in every state “nor do we have enough PPE or ventilators.” Frowning at how people are violating social distance and movement restriction measures, another citizen notes that celebrities and other prominent people need to respect the measures by stopping going out unnecessarily and save the world from the severe consequences of their actions. 

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