How Would You Manage That Million Dollar?

How Would You Manage That Million Dollar?

By Olamide Egbetola

If you were given a million dollar to execute a specific project such as starting a business, and you were given proper support, mentoring and coaching that would boost your productivity, how would you manage it?

Nowadays, many youth will rather seek for a quick means to quench the instant hunger rather than starve for a moment to create a lasting platform that will eventually create a better life in the future

Technology has enabled progress in all societies and field in the world we live today, whereby you can easily learn any skills online from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web development, Online Marketing, Graphics  design,  Copywriting, Photography, Email marketing, Coding and lots more

Startups face a lot of challenges. Progress and challenges go hand in hand. I have experienced it and still experiencing it; success by top entrepreneurs is largely as a result of constant failing and always taking actions, just like the Japanese word Kaizen which means “continuous improvement or constant practices, personal efficiency”. Entrepreneur is a journey, sometimes you get struck at the beginning not knowing the next step to take, and then you will pause and ask yourself if you are really doing the right thing. Promoting entrepreneurship can promote economy and integrate youth into the workforce besides leading to overall development of a society.

The focus of this article is to prepare youth to take responsibilities by having a lifetime investment in business, developing new skills and taking the lead in their respective fields. Entrepreneurship strategy involves development of skills and offering values that will boost productivity.

According to Management Study guide on Youth employment and causes, “Youth unemployment is being recognized as the one of the problems that could grow into global proportions in the coming years causing social and economic problems for the societies”.

When individuals are making constant efforts to learn by looking inwardly on what skill to get equipped with,  and right set of people for mentorship, there could be opportunities in may ways which including funding their ventures. New opportunities arise only when you start.

Startups need to maximize the use of social media for marketing their products and services.  The LinkedIn marketing strategy will help you Explore Opportunities, Expand Network, Engage Connections, Establish Relationships and deepen Expert Positioning.

Africa is a rooted with opportunities, your little ideas can transform a lot.  The light is green!

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